Edgar Plans x Casetify

The presentation of the collection was in March 2023, in the Casetify store, located in the K11 MUSEA center, in Hong Kong.

This collection consists of different products, such as: phonecases, tablets, computers and headphones. It also has an aluminum bottle.

The star piece of the collection and the most attractive is the phonecase that you can customize. It is a character, whose image allows you to choose between different options, such as; boy/girl, write a name on his/her sweater, and change the color of the hair, eyes and background. Being able to make the character your own portrait.

This collaboration, called Casetify x Artist, is among the projects that the brand does with different international artists.This could be enjoyed at the Frieze 2023 fair. What makes them special is that they are on sale for a certain time. Here you can see the complete collection:


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