Edgar Plans, In my Coffee time

In a world filled with trials and tribulations, we are living through challenging times that cry out for the touch of a “superhero.” Amidst challenges such as Covid-19, war, racial discrimination, hate crimes, as well as environmental issues like extreme weather, wildfires, and floods, each of us is in search of our own ‘superhero.’ Some find their heroes from movies while others discover them within the pages of comics, finding solace therein. I’ve found mine in the realm of art.

The hero I’ve encountered wears a colorful mask, possesses a charming appearance characterized by an exaggeratedly outsized head contrasted with a petite body. It’s a look that defies the conventional or predefined image of a hero that we might expect. Edgar Plans addresses social challenges through his paintings. The heroes he portrays, however, seem almost too endearingly delightful to tackle such challenging subjects. Questions such as “Where does their strength come from?” or “Can they truly protect us?” also arise, adding an element of irony. This irony becomes clearer when delving into Edgar’s artistic world. His creations are marked by a certain intangible formality. His canvases, seemingly drawn like doodles, exude a liberating sentiment reminiscent of a child’s drawing. The vibrant and diverse colors symbolize a form of unrestrained freedom, akin to the pioneering spirit embodied by graffiti art, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The exhibition is titled ‘In my coffee time.’ While it was well-known that the artist has a fondness for coffee, the whimsically imaginative scene of heroes crafting caffeinated brews in a coffee factory was something I couldn’t have imagined. Moreover, Edgar also completed a self-portrait of himself gently holding a coffee cup in both hands, pondering over some coffee beans. Perhaps, coffee serves as a ‘superhero’ for Edgar, bestowing solace and inspiration. The coffee break endorsed by Edgar emerges as a moment of healing for us, who are navigating through weary days. It is thus with immense pride that we host a private exhibition of Edgar’s works for the first time in Korea. We eagerly await the visits of all who cherish Edgar’s genius, looking forward to finding solace and healing through his artworks.

Text by Yuk-young So, S2A Director.

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