Edgar Plans: Heart of Fearlessness

Solo Show in Tang Contemporary Art

In the realm of art where imagination intertwines with reality, Tang Contemporary Art presents “Heart of Fearlessness” – a thought-provoking solo exhibition by artist Edgar Plans that traverses the intricate pathways of courage, determination, and emotion. This show is a vibrant tapestry, weaving narratives that spark a spectacle of introspection and wonder.

Edgar Plans’ “Little Heroes” evokes associations with Shakespeare and Stan Lee, who had respectively created the classic works Hamlet and Spiderman. There, each of their heroes possess starkly different characteristics: Shakespeare’s heroes are filled with pathos, often making incorrect choices for the right reasons, enduring betrayals in familial and romantic relationships, and experiencing significant emotional, behavioural, and intellectual transformations that bring conflict and tension to the story. On the other hand, Stan Lee’s heroes undergo journeys that shape them from ordinary people to extraordinary figures, thus demonstrating a mix of the flaws and vanity of ordinary people while also showcasing a side of sadness and dilemmas. It is also their responsibility to battle against evil forces, protecting all of society and humanity. Whether it is Shakespeare or Stan Lee, their works explore themes revolving around courage, the balance of ecology, and self-sacrifice.

In Edgar Plans’ “Little Heroes,” each hero is capable of independent and autonomous thinking, which highlights the main theme of humanity. Through an in-depth examination of human nature, Edgar Plans uses “Little Heroes” as a symbol, creating an imaginative world through various approaches including painting, sculpture, and installation art. These works not only manifest the intricacies in what shapes a hero, but also explore all the aforementioned themes of courage, ecological balance, and self-sacrifice through symbolisms and other creative visual elements. While their tragic narratives convey to us the complexity of our human nature and the mercilessness of fate, these narratives are also precisely what have established them to become timeless figures in literature and art. By assimilating the influence from Shakespeare and Stan Lee, Edgar Plans invites audiences to reflect on these critical notions through his playful and exuberant characters, rethinking about human nature, morality, and fate.

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