Be@rbrick by Edgar Plans

It is a great pleasure as a Be@rbricks collector to have your own design. But it is even more incredible to be part of the official Medicon Toy collection in the Be@rbricks for artists section. It is a very exclusive section with a very limited selection of artists. The project has been developing since 2019 in a first meeting with the people who have made this dream that I have dreamed of so many times and finally come true. BlackRainbow Agency and MishaMade (specifically with Greg Hervieux and Hamid Sarhdaoui).

The Be@arbrick was presented last October in Paris.

5 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth in Paris was the location chosen for the event. At the opening they showed the sketches of the process (they are the drawings that decorate the box) and two recent works on canvas.

During the three days of presentation, many art collectors visited the show. Was the art week in the city. All around Art Basel with many events in different space in Paris. One of them was this exhibition that was part of the Art Week activities itinerary.

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